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Top AI Ethics Organizations

Top AI Ethics Organizations

The methodology for determining the top AI ethics organizations aims to identify and rank organizations that are at the forefront of addressing ethical considerations in artificial intelligence (AI) development and deployment. These organizations play a crucial role in shaping AI ethics frameworks, promoting responsible AI practices, and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue on the societal impacts of AI. The methodology considers various factors to assess the organization's expertise, impact, transparency, collaboration, and advocacy in the field of AI ethics.

Studies’ Quality Assessment Scores in Decreasing Order

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Source: MDPI

The Ethics of AI business Practices

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Source: Springer Link

Quarterly News Mentions of "AI" and "Ethics", 2014-Q3 2018


Source: CB Insights

Asilomar AI Principles


Source: TechTarget

Five Ethical Principles And Commitment

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Source: PingAn

Operational AI Ethics


Source: PingAn

PingAn's Application of AI

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Source: PingAn

PingAn's AI Ethical Governance Framework

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Source: PingAn

Mapping And Classifying Process


Keywords Search Strategy


Thematic Map of Responsible AI Initiatives in Healthcare


Number of Occurrences per Principle per Country

Source: HAL

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